The Prepared Environment

The Montessori prepared environment provides a peaceful atmosphere where children are allowed to explore and learn in a hands-on, concrete way. The environment is organized into the following curriculum areas:

– Practical Life
– Art
– Sensorial
– Language
– Geography/Culture
– Mathematics
– Music
– Science


ari sand numbersAs children choose their own activities and advance at their own pace, they develop a meaningful degree of independence and self-motivation, setting a pattern for life. Guidance and support are given by teachers through one-on-one interaction and small group lessons.


adam brushing teeth

elliott language

Many materials/manipulatives are in the Montessori classroom. Each piece is designed to attract the child. Lessons are introduced simply and concretely, creating a firm foundation for further learning. As the child progresses, the Montessori materials increase in degrees of abstraction and complexity.