The Parents

amy readingParents are an integral part of the La Crosse Montessori Preschool. As active partners in their children’s preschool years, parents are encouraged to share their time and talents for the enrichment of their child’s learning. Many parents read to our students throughout the school year. Parents donate their time speaking to the children about their profession or their personal interests by offering an “in house” filed trip to students.  At LMP we are a community.  We work together every day for the betterment of our families and our broader community.  This is a partnership.

making soup, anika                                   john moore, dentist

Below is a copy of the report card used at LMP.  It aligns with the state, school district requirements as well as Montessori ideals.

LMP report card

At LMP we do not provide meals for children and snack is provided by families throughout the year.  All licensed child care facilities are required to post USDA food regulation standards for parents information. Below are the guidelines.

USDA food guidelines