The Child

Children need to develop a strong sense of personal value as well as respect for others, therefore our classroom is a non-competitive atmosphere in which children choose their adi rocksown activities and advance at their own pace. Children deserve to be treated with our full and sincere respect. Respect fosters cooperation and creates an atmosphere within which learning is tremendously facilitated. Since children ranging from 2 ½ to 5 years of age are allowed to mix freely, a great deal of spontaneous learning and teaching occurs. Success in school is also directly tied to the degree to which children believe they are capable and independent human beings. Even the very young child can be heard exclaiming, “I can do it!”. By allowing children to develop a meaningful degree of independence and self-discipline, children set a pattern for a lifetime of good work habits and sense of responsibility.jack painting

La Crosse Montessori Preschool welcomes students of any race, economic status, national or ethnic origin.  Diversity and home culture are celebrated in Montessori and are incorporated and shared throughout our program.  Although the preschool is located within Faith United Church, La Crosse Montessori Preschool is completely separate and non-denominational school.

Children must be toilet-trained.

Children must be 2 ½ years old to enroll.